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Driving still terrifies me but I hope I have a small chance of passing. >: I hope I get to drive more today and the rest of the weekend before Monday. I probably work that day until 1 and my test is at 2:30 so hopefully I'm not too tired to do it. I'll probably be running on adrenaline anyway.

My poor Yorkie has really been kicking up her personality lately, our other dog of 15+ years died a few weeks ago and for those few weeks are other dog has been really quiet. Now all she wants to do is play and go crazy. We keep her in the backyard but suddenly she realizes that she's not a big dog but a tiny one and somehow she gets through all our defenses and runs free to play with the kids of the neighborhood. So far the neighbors have been great in bringing her back but my stepmother is afraid that she'll be taken by someone. (But then again I'd be terrified too because of how much we paid for her) Anyone have any suggestions for a dog that could go well with her? She's a tiny ol'thing but she's got the energy and personality of a bigger breed.

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May. 1st, 2009 07:18 am
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Slowly might start importing my older icons from my icon journal over at Livejournal but more than likely I'll start posting some of my new ones in the coming days. Today starts the weekend where I believe I'll generally be home the entire time, if not for work. It's nice to have a vacation from time to time away from the same people you always hang out with.

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Apr. 19th, 2009 08:45 am
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I gotta run to work reaalllly soon but I felt like updating this place. These past few days working usually I get down during work but I find myself really having fun now. It feels weird because me and a major group of the people working at my job act like we're a giant family and we're able to joke around and have a lot of fun now. :3 The biggest running joke is that I'm ~too young~ to hear about some of the stuff they talk about (which is sex or other random topics) yet my manager is only a year older than me, so we have a short conflict of me acting offended and another cashier saying she'll make it better and hugging me.

I got my permit again! I failed the first time but the lady at the counter said I could immediately retake it because the questions I failed on had just come into place and weren't that well known. I passed the second time and my driving test is in a few weeks! \o/ Hopefully I'll pass so I can drive myself to summer school instead of having to catch the bus four days out of the week to get there and die due to math over consumption.

School wise this semester has been hard for me because its not as challenging as the other one. :/ I don't know if this proves if I'm a masochist but if school doesn't challenge me, I automatically don't want to do the work so it will give me a challenge when I suddenly have to cram everything in a short space of time. I'm trying to fight the impulse to do that, but I think I'm failing. >:
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\o/ GO Kubo Tite, I've read the most recent chapter and thogh I'm not a huge fan of the series, I love how he's willing to show people getting injured. To me the most popular mangas (which are coincidentally mostly fighting manga) always show people getting injured but never the end product of it which is more than likely limb losing. I don't know where I'm going with this but its nice to some sorta realism in manga I guess? xD

Life is kind of weird at the moment, I keep trying to find moments to update this thing but at the same time I don't know what to update with. I'm working slowly on the last requests that I have and also working on some Utena images as well. I've started writing again, small original pieces that either want to spawn into multichapter epics or I just don't know how to finish. :/ Hello Kitty's Tokidoki collection is adorable ♥

This commercial is adorable!

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Sep. 26th, 2008 11:05 am
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Something tells me I need to make a mood theme because so far I can't find one I like. XD;

Paid account expires soon, I'm tempted to just pay the three bucks and last another month until November when they start selling Permanent accounts for the low, my ass price of $150. Which essentially means I just pay them for 5 years of service in one go and more and never think about it again. But at the same time I don't want to pay out that amount because I can using it for other things like saying up for a SOOM doll (I wish she was still available! D: )or buying more christmas gifts. XD;

New layout featuing Folkssoul/Folkore! ♥

Well. Today's the day I guess. Someone please pray that I don't lose it at work.



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