Mar. 14th, 2009

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  • 09:12 Work soon, something tells me today is gonna be weird #
  • 12:25 i think i inhaled pepper, my nose feels strange #
  • 18:09 Freedom! #
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\o/ GO Kubo Tite, I've read the most recent chapter and thogh I'm not a huge fan of the series, I love how he's willing to show people getting injured. To me the most popular mangas (which are coincidentally mostly fighting manga) always show people getting injured but never the end product of it which is more than likely limb losing. I don't know where I'm going with this but its nice to some sorta realism in manga I guess? xD

Life is kind of weird at the moment, I keep trying to find moments to update this thing but at the same time I don't know what to update with. I'm working slowly on the last requests that I have and also working on some Utena images as well. I've started writing again, small original pieces that either want to spawn into multichapter epics or I just don't know how to finish. :/ Hello Kitty's Tokidoki collection is adorable ♥

This commercial is adorable!



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