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Feel a little stretched thin right now, offline wise I have a sense that something might go bad. I think its my dread of my driving test on Monday and I haven't really driven at all these four weeks. I've driven like three times since I've gotten my damn permit. :/

Besides that I ran to the bookstore yesterday and bought The Last Olympian for the Percy Jackson series. I don't care what people say, I love this series~ D; I'm sorry to see it end but the way he ended it sounds like he'll start another series with a new cast set in the same universe.

Nothing to really say right now, bye~
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I have a fabulous new default icon thanks to [ profile] so_vayne

Past few days have been alright and this weekend I don't have closing shift! \o/ I'm actually going to be going home around the time the sun sets/is still in the sky not when there's no one outside and the moon is high. XD; This week was kind of a wake up call school wise, so I'm probably going to focus more on my studies and start working harder in my classes in general, Well, the ones that require it, its still a fun semester but I just need to actually pay attention and focus on it.

On the subject of school, I have to say this: what the hell community college art students. I'm not talking about my year or maybe I am, but more than likely its pointed to the older generation. I was in the library a lot yesterday and I finally found a book about Alphonso Mucha and his art and I was so happy to find it. I open it up. Someone had taken a box cutter and taken whole pages out of it. WTF? I understand the class is hard or you need it for a class, but what gives you the right to ruin a book and then not tell anyone. Hell, how did you think that was a good idea? Oo; What about the other people who want to look at it after you?

I went to two different colleges, the first had Alphonso Mucha: The Complete Posters and Panels by Jack Rennert and Alain Weill; and Drawing the Female Figure by Joseph Sheppard and whole pages or sections were taken out with box cutters. :/

taboo .

Sep. 10th, 2008 02:58 pm
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Annoying customers about 'OMG PRICE CHANGE ?!?! )

People are freaking out over BoA taking a shot at the U.S. market and I will admit, I don't like her that much. Most of it is rather generic to me and has gotten stale over the years but I like this new song she has coming out. What I don't like? The music video for is terrible ): Yet on her new english site, she also has the Korean mv which looks totally better. I have a feeling she's going to get laughed out the building for the video but I think she might have a bigger impact than Utada's first album. It looks like her company is actually going to promote her instead of ignoring her until its too late.

Here's the English version and Korean Version, judge for yourself. If she somehow makes an impact I hope this means Korea and Japan will risk trying to send more artists over, I'd love to see Wonder Girls or Big Bang or Epik High out here. :)

[ profile] trinity_lims has reopened prelims for Round 2, I'm working on the banner now to advertise it. :)


'Twilight' Fans Furious After Russell Brand Cuts Off Robert Pattinson At VMAs
'That's basically a FRICKIN SIN in the fandom,' one Twilighter fumes.

twilight fandom = still crazy )
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Inspired by [ profile] thremedon and recent art, I've started rereading Havemercy again, and guh ♥. I originally randomly bought it because it was mentioned on [ profile] gossymer's journal and I read the description and I had to get it. Giant flying metal dragons? Count me in :D Someone is thinking about starting up a kink men, and it makes me want to read faster. XD; I'm horrible at making requests but often I fulfill them for people and it makes them happy.

I've posted the last of my old icons essentially over at [ profile] draklor_labs before I set myself to make an icon post with the new style I think I'm growing into. I'm not really advertising them as much as I should because I don't like them as much, but oh well. I'm contemplating posting my Kingdom Hearts 2 and Adolescence of Utena screencaps that I've made over there. Would anyone be interested in that? Anyway, I remember someone mentioned in one of the anonymous icon memes that I should try new ways in cropping and so far its coming out pretty good. [ profile] so_vayne you've seen one/two of them. I should probably make another banner that comm as weeeellll.

[ profile] trinity_lims is in its final week for this battle round and I've set up a poll, and I'm relieved that everything went through as smoothly as possible. I eliminated the concrete due date time but for the most part it looks like people actually submit either before the normal times of lims or around 9/10 pm pst either way. It almost seems like an unwritten rule to submit by those times.

Still filling out the memes!



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