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Apr. 8th, 2009 09:42 pm
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Is it just me or is Gmail being a pain for anyone else? For the last few days its been awkward trying to access it- half the time it's telling me to change my url because 'Gmail' can no longer be used in Germany. I don't know how it'd apply to me in America but it seems to somehow have because either the error shows up or it'll flat out refuse to load unless I go into HTML mode. :/

I purchased Prince of Persia yesterday and I've gotten a decent way through it, the story is great and the dialogue is the best I've heard in a game in years. The characters actually feel like they're interacting with each other, and doesn't feel like its scripted that much. My biggest beef with the game is its damn controls. It's so hard to control how he moves when scaling walls and how he jumps its plain frustrating. D8<

My friends watched me play and they said they'd have given up hours ago while I spent a good ten minutes trying to kill a normal enemy. Don't even get me started on the Warrior King and his button smashing combo of death. Though it has these hiccups in it, it reminds me a lot of Okami with its cell shaded style and some elements of the story and I'm enjoying it a lot. The music is to die for. ♥
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Loool sitting next to a guy in the library who's watching anime and he has no idea I know what he's watching loooool

Anyway. I have a midterm in like an hour and I can totally be in the gym but I feel like being lazy right now. I played DDR and ParaPara Dance for the first time in months and my right ankle is killing me. X x;

Went and say Monsters vs Aliens yesterday, I had my reservations on it but I actually enjoyed it a lot. My favorite character was Dr. Cockroach :3! Then again, I have a thing for mad scientists. My only problem is that it made me feel old, me and my friend caught all the references that totally would fly over kids' heads and is meant to entertain adults.


I want to change the layout for [ profile] draklor_labs again and I have the itch to move communities again I don't know why. :
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So late on this bandwagon.

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Apr. 1st, 2009 07:17 am
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I've been bit by the Big Bang bug again and I'm in love with the group. When I first started listening to them I was a total Bae/Tae Yang fan, which was seconded by Seung Ri. Now I'm in love with Dae Sung. He's such a sweet heart and adorable. ; ; ♥

In other news, I've joined [ profile] 20cartoon20 with a claim of Atlantis: The Lost Empire. :3 Poor movie gets no love so I hope to give it some~ Maybe another update later today, nothing really to talk about now since I'm in the middle of spring break.


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Mar. 31st, 2009 03:05 pm
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; ; I missed your message [ profile] so_vayne! Come bbbbaaaacck~!
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Really America.

I get it Slumdog Millionaire is apparently omg!amazing. Can we stop playing the damn commercials every five seconds and stop having 50+ new fads appear from this movie. :/ Jai Ho isn't that earth shattering either, there are by far better songs in Bollywood movies.
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This icon for this icon lims is out to kill me. >:

Earth hour starts in thirty minutes for me!

Anyone else doing it?

Also turned off twitter updates so it would stop spamming my journal. :)
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I got Resident Evil 5 a few days ago and been having a blast with it! I love how its a co-op game, it actually gives me incentive to try and tackle this kind of game. Later on in the year I'm heading to San Diego Comicon and a few of my friends want me to cosplay as Sheva Alomar from the game and I keep telling them to drop it. It'd be fun but I'm way too shy. >:

I'm kinda trying to reinvent myself in the real world, thus my life online has kinda dwindled to the point where you might catch me during the day but I might be gaming or you'll mostly catch me at night now. Random thought: I totally want the TokiDoki Collection from Hello Kitty! so much!

I really didn't say anything earlier but thank you guys so much for the birthday wishes on my birthday ♥, that was probably the most I've ever gotten since I was in middle school> ♥



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