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Driving still terrifies me but I hope I have a small chance of passing. >: I hope I get to drive more today and the rest of the weekend before Monday. I probably work that day until 1 and my test is at 2:30 so hopefully I'm not too tired to do it. I'll probably be running on adrenaline anyway.

My poor Yorkie has really been kicking up her personality lately, our other dog of 15+ years died a few weeks ago and for those few weeks are other dog has been really quiet. Now all she wants to do is play and go crazy. We keep her in the backyard but suddenly she realizes that she's not a big dog but a tiny one and somehow she gets through all our defenses and runs free to play with the kids of the neighborhood. So far the neighbors have been great in bringing her back but my stepmother is afraid that she'll be taken by someone. (But then again I'd be terrified too because of how much we paid for her) Anyone have any suggestions for a dog that could go well with her? She's a tiny ol'thing but she's got the energy and personality of a bigger breed.



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