Apr. 7th, 2009

folkloric: (yoko; simon talk to me)
Loool sitting next to a guy in the library who's watching anime and he has no idea I know what he's watching loooool

Anyway. I have a midterm in like an hour and I can totally be in the gym but I feel like being lazy right now. I played DDR and ParaPara Dance for the first time in months and my right ankle is killing me. X x;

Went and say Monsters vs Aliens yesterday, I had my reservations on it but I actually enjoyed it a lot. My favorite character was Dr. Cockroach :3! Then again, I have a thing for mad scientists. My only problem is that it made me feel old, me and my friend caught all the references that totally would fly over kids' heads and is meant to entertain adults.


I want to change the layout for [livejournal.com profile] draklor_labs again and I have the itch to move communities again I don't know why. :



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