Mar. 19th, 2009

folkloric: (pokemon; XP)
I got Resident Evil 5 a few days ago and been having a blast with it! I love how its a co-op game, it actually gives me incentive to try and tackle this kind of game. Later on in the year I'm heading to San Diego Comicon and a few of my friends want me to cosplay as Sheva Alomar from the game and I keep telling them to drop it. It'd be fun but I'm way too shy. >:

I'm kinda trying to reinvent myself in the real world, thus my life online has kinda dwindled to the point where you might catch me during the day but I might be gaming or you'll mostly catch me at night now. Random thought: I totally want the TokiDoki Collection from Hello Kitty! so much!

I really didn't say anything earlier but thank you guys so much for the birthday wishes on my birthday ♥, that was probably the most I've ever gotten since I was in middle school> ♥



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