Mar. 7th, 2009

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I ordered a ps3 via ebay last week, cost me over $400 and I've been a nervous wreck ever since they told me the delivery date was this weekend. :/ I had to work today so I couldn't house sit but my sister was suppose to be there. She wasn't. She either ignored the door or was gone so I don't have my ps3. I panicked. The last time I ordered something online and had Fedex deliver it, it was my laptop and they gave it to my neighbor TWO HOUSES away from mine and I nearly had a heart attack because of how expensive that is.

What's frustrating is now its going to be essentially house tag because there's a low low possibility that someone is going to be home tomorrow or Monday and I want that damn thing. :/ I spent 400 on the thing and I don't want it jacked because the deliveryman gets sick of lugging it around and they just leave it at the front door like they've done with other stuff my family has bought.



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