Jan. 20th, 2009

folkloric: (badou; y yes)
SURPRISE! I'm alive! 8D!

Yea, account inactivity sucks but I think these past few weeks, I've been trying to catch up with missing a year's worth of gaming. 2008 sucked. Outside of meeting [livejournal.com profile] balfonheim and few other instances, that year was just...depression and overworking myself. Thank god that's over.

Next semester of school starts the week after next! This semester is a general finish stuff on the sheet to get an AA paper sooo I'm taking Cultural Anthropology, Criminal Justice, gym, Geography and attempting to force my way in petitioning for Human Sexuality 2. Strangely no History or English class semester, its still kind of strange to not see either of them there. Sadly I couldn't fit either type of class.

I'm half way done with my Requests, half I say, because everyone who requested something from me isn't just getting one icon per image. :/ Expect at least two or three per image, my problem is just finishing and finalizing these poor things.

Hauled ass in Persona 4, I enjoy the characters more than I did in Persona 3. To me they're more...realistic to how youth are now. The amount of swearing alone and how things are said that could mean double entrants and just how confusing life is at the time is totally my high school experience. Both games are dark in their own way, but having to face yourself literally is terrifying. :/ I love Kanji, the poor boy loves his 'girly' things and he gets shit from people. I would be his friend in heartbeat.



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